PWF Empire Year-End Awards

The PWF Empire Year-End Awards (also known as The Dubbys) are the official PWF Empire year-end awards for pro wrestling. The awards are voted on by readers of PWF Empire and winners are revealed on a LIVE episode of PWTR, right here on!

Voting for the 2014 Dubby Awards will begin soon!


The 2013 Dubby Award Winners

The 2013 PWF Empire Year-End Award (aka Dubby) winners have been revealed, with Daniel Bryan winning Superstar of the Year.

You can check out the full list of winners down below!

Superstar of the Year

Daniel Bryan 67%
CM Punk 10%
The Shield 14%
John Cena 4%
Bully Ray 3%
Randy Orton 2%

Match of the Year

CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar (WWE SummerSlam) 51%
CM Punk vs John Cena (RAW, 25 February) 24%
The Shield vs Cody Rhodes & Goldust (WWE Battleground) 14%
The Shield & The Real Americans vs Cody Rhodes & Goldust, The Usos & Rey Mysterio (Traditional Survivor Series Match) 6%
WWE Championship Money in the Bank match 5%

Feud of the Year

CM Punk vs Paul Heyman 35%
TNA vs Bankruptcy 31%
Daniel Bryan vs The Authority 26%
John Cena vs The Rock 6%
AJ Styles vs TNA 2%

Pay-Per-View of the Year

WWE SummerSlam 56%
WrestleMania 29 14%
WWE Royal Rumble 12%
WWE Money in the Bank 12%
WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 6%

Tag Team of the Year

The Shield (Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) 50%
Cody Rhodes & Goldust 25%
Bad Influence (Kazarian and Christopher Daniels) 9%
The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) 9%
The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) 5%

Diva of the Year

AJ Lee 87%
Gail Kim 5%
The Bella Twins 5%
Velvet Sky 2%

Best announcer

JBL 69%
Michael Cole 10%
Jerry “The King” Lawler 10%
Mike Tenay 5%
Taz 5%

Worst announcer

Jerry “The King” Lawler 33%
Michael Cole 28%
JBL 13%
Mike Tenay 13%
Taz 13%

A-Show Award

TNA Impact Wrestling 4%
WWE SmackDown 3%

F-Show Award

TNA Impact Wrestling 64%
WWE SmackDown 23%

Breakout Star of 2013

The Shield 66%
Big E Langston 13%
Bray Wyatt 10%
Cody Rhodes 9%
Magnus 2%

Most in need of a Push

Dolph Ziggler 39%
Antonio Cesaro 32%
Cody Rhodes 21%
Dean Ambrose 6%
Samoa Joe 3%

Most in need of a Push… Out the door

Justin 28%
Curtis Axel 23%
Total Divas 20%
Every announcer on RAW, SmackDown, and Impact 19%
Money in the Bank Concept 11%

Mark-out Moment of the Year

Mark Henry’s “Retirement” Speech (RAW, 17 June) 33%
Dolph Ziggler cashes in the MITB to win the World Heavyweight Championship (RAW, 8 April) 25%
Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Championship at SummerSlam 17%
WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ascension Ceremony 13%
Brock Lesnar attacks CM Punk (RAW, 17 June) 8%
Roman Reigns’ Dominance at Survivor Series 4%

Epic Fail Award

Curtis Axel’s Push 35%
Big Show vs Randy Orton (WWE Survivor Series) 23%
WWE Championship match ends in a No Contest (WWE Battleground) 22%
Aces and (zero point) Eights 20%

Jobber of the Year

3MB 59%
The Miz 17%
Damien Sandow 12%
Kofi Kingston 10%
Seth Rollins 2%

PWTR Dubby Winners

Most Popular

Charlie 43%
David 40%
Brandon 11%
Justin 5%

Most Hated

Justin 68%
David 17%
Brandon 8%
Charlie 6%

Most Logical

Charlie 60%
David 17%
Brandon 16%
Justin 7%

Funniest Co-Host

David 57%
Charlie 22%
Justin 17%
Brandon 4%

Most Australian

Brandon 58%
David 18%
Justin 14%
Charlie 11%