Great Balls of Fire fallout: WWE Universal Championship

Brian Joel July 14, 2017 1

We presents what literally may be our most positive show EVER!

PWF Empire contributors Stephen, Dalton, and Jay wade through the wreckage of Great Balls of Fire’s featured match-ups (Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe, and Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman) by discussing what the matches accomplished and the future holds for all four men.

In addition, we also talk about what it truly means to be a “face” and “heel” in pro wrestling and why the debate surrounding a supposed double-turn following Roman Reigns’ post-match attack on Braun Strowman at GBOF was misplaced.

  • RyanWoody

    Hilariious! Great show guys! I’m loving Samoa Joe. He just feels genuine. Roman feels forced and Lesnar is blatantly himself. Paul wanting to hand reigns the shot to avoid Joe was great; but i feel like it went over a lot of people heads. Still; I can only ever use my own head and i loved heyman.

    P.S Talking Smack has been cancelled and it’s total BS!