John Cena: The MVP of WWE

Lucas June 1, 2017 Comments Off on John Cena: The MVP of WWE

John Cena officially confirmed that he will make his triumphant return to the SmackDown Live on 4th of July. We should all be excited about this as John Cena is pretty much SmackDown Live’s (and probably WWE’s) last hope. Here’s why.

The 16-time World Champion has pretty much done it all in the WWE ring, and has nothing left to prove. For years, people have tried to dispute the argument that John Cena is the best of all-time. Many fans deny his greatness because he doesn’t fit the mold of what the definition of a pro wrestler actually is, or because he was “too PG”. This argument is no longer valid against John Cena.

Ratings & Star Power

John Cena has evolved and established himself to a point where he is now a brand, an entity. He is a mega star with or without WWE as he is now essentially a celebrity star, and he’s been able to build that all alone. And now that he has reached this elite status, which not many superstars can reach, he has become someone who WWE needs, and not the other way around. If you’re thinking otherwise, here are some facts I’d like to throw around for the doubters. On the episode of SD Live when John Cena made his return in December of last year, that was the first SmackDown Live episode to have beaten RAW in the ratings. That SD Live episode made history, and wonder why? John Cena’s return, that’s why. We head into the first quarter of this year 2017 and when John Cena was on SmackDown from week to week especially for the build to WrestleMania 33, SmackDown’s viewership increased by nine percent.

Helping Other Talent Grow

The argument about John Cena burying other talent is another argument that is just completely invalid and unfair. In John Cena’s most recent run with WWE, he literally helped two specific guys become the stars that they are in WWE: AJ Styles and The Miz. Before AJ Styles entered his feud with John Cena in 2016, he started off the year as a newbie in the WWE who struggled adapting to the new world. He suffered a loss to Chris Jericho at WrestelMania which really hurt him, and recovered a bit when he entered a feud with Roman Reigns shortly after. In that feud, however, we saw more of Roman Reigns’ greatness shine, than we did with AJ Styles who still seemed overshadowed and belittled by his opponent. Everything changed when he faced John Cena and beat him twice. AJ Styles began to feel comfortable, confident, and most importantly, the fans finally got behind him; he got more exposure, which resulted in popularity.

To kick off 2017, AJ was SmackDown’s top heel. WWE may have made the decision to have him drop the WWE title, but fans became so attached to him that they wanted Styles to main event WrestleMania and represent the blue brand as their champion. John Cena had this effect on AJ Styles, and boosted his credibility so much so that AJ Styles is now known as the face of SmackDown — a lot of that is thanks to John Cena.

There’s also The Miz, who definitely deserves credit of his own for part of the success and momentum he’s had — but who wrote the exclamation point on The Miz’s stardom? John Cena did. The Miz instantly became “cool,” (as the kids would say) when he feuded with John Cena. He was the flavor of the month, the new favorite toy in town, who fans wanted to see beat up John Cena and punk him out. We saw a side of The Miz during this storyline that we had never seen before. He raised his game to a different level, and that’s carried over with him on Monday Night RAW. The only problem is, John Cena isn’t on RAW to help him, and now he’s struggling because of it.

The Impact for the Future

Once John Cena returns to SmackDown Live, he will once again save WWE and get them out of trouble like he always does. It’s typical John boy. He didn’t earn the nickname Superman for no reason. The ratings for SmackDown will increase, the shows will become much more exciting to watch again, and John Cena will help talent get to where they need to be in their careers, and it’s time WWE takes advantage of the fact that John Cena is their MVP as he could literally put over as many talent as they have on that roster to benefit the future and create stars. John Cena has joined the elite class of special attractions, which include the names of Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, and The Rock. The less we start to see John Cena, the more of John Cena we’ll want to see. John Cena is that damn good. Word life!

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