Baron Corbin: Mr. Money in the Bank 2017

Brian Joel June 20, 2017 Comments Off on Baron Corbin: Mr. Money in the Bank 2017

The character of Baron Corbin exists on the edge of society. Not only does he constantly find himself at odds with the power structure and established order of WWE, he’s also expressed joy at the thought of inflicting pain on his fellow roster members. The anarchist and sadist traits of Baron Corbin’s gimmick puts him a hell of a lot closer to being a Lunatic Fringe than Dean Ambrose could ever dream of being.

The unpredictable, ‘cash in at any moment’s notice’ concept that is Money in the Bank is the closest thing to anarchy within WWE, and that’s why I believe that Baron Corbin is the perfect fit to carry the briefcase.

In the video below, I expound upon that belief:

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