Paige’s leaked pics scandal, the Rise and Fall of SmackDown Live

Brian Joel March 18, 2017 1

  • Lamuwn

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Paige having a sex life. Because; news flash. Most humans- have sex lives. I don’t think she’s “No Good” and I think everyone’s reaction is naive and ignorant. She’s a victim of a hack. Not cool. If she’d deliberately posted those to be malicious or something; then sure. Maybe I could see why some people would rag on her; but she didn’t. They were private. People need to understand- that Paige isn’t in those Videos. Sarah Knight or whatever her real name is. These are Actors. They have their own lives and their entitled to them as human beings especially in this day and age. Now, I know WWE will rightfully move on; ignoring it etc.

    Here is the one anomaly. The thing i think people *should* have more of a problem with. The thing that actually illicit a disturbed reaction from me. There is one picture; where she is seen using the NXT Womens Championship as a “prop” and she takes a facial with ejaculate all over the Championship belt. THAT is disturbing. When you think of all the kids and people who’ve been allowed to hold that belt under her reign. Even Charlotte for kissing it after winning it. That’s some gross and horrid stuff. That amount of disrespect and defamation of that prestigious title; people will have that in the back of their minds when they see it now. That’s messed up to me. The WWE Logo; semen all over it. That’s the thing WWE should be upset over. And that’s where the role model; business etc. Factors can come into play. If they fired her over that image. I’d understand. If I was a parent; I’d be horrified if my child had touched that belt. And news flash people have. That’s whats screwed up.

    That’s the thing that bothers me. I couldn’t care less about her being naked or have threesomes. Whatever. And I hope Xavier wasn’t with his girlfriend (who’s currently pregnant) at the time either. If he’s outed as a cheater- that outs him as a scumbag. Though; it appears that was when they were down in FCW/NXT so a few years ago. So it looks like that may be a silver lining. If at all. Otherwise more then just reputation has been near ruined this past weekend.