WWE RAW 8/8/16 | Rollins vs Bálor war of words

Brian Joel August 8, 2016 Comments Off on WWE RAW 8/8/16 | Rollins vs Bálor war of words

Never mind the fact that Finn Bálor debuted on the main roster weeks ago; the former NXT Champion wasn’t properly introduced to the audience until this week’s episode of RAW.

Finn Bálor’s salvo in a war of words against his SummerSlam opponent, Seth Rollins, recounted the mythological creatures that form the foundation of his persona. The segment saw The Demon deconstruct the his moniker by discussing its inspirations, and go on to say this:

These are not just stories, Seth, they’re a source of power. When a warrior enters a great battle, when he knows that his limbs and his flesh are not enough, he can tap into the power of these creatures and become a man greater than himself. He can become a myth.

“Now I know you have your demons, Seth, but you’ve never seen a demon like this. At SummerSlam, you’ll meet the Demon King.”

This is in addition to a preemptive strike from Seth Rollins earlier on RAW when he chided Bálor for his arrogance and investing in myths. Rather than being inspired by myths, Seth said he’s building a legacy for himself that will lead to him being seen as a mythical God years from now.

The in-ring aspect of this feud was no doubt enough to sell many people on the prospect of Rollins and Bálor stepping in the ring together, but seeing these characters fleshed out is a very welcomed sight for a story guy like myself. What was done for both Seth and Finn was crucial character development that makes this match interesting beyond the amazing action we’re sure to get from the two men at SummerSlam.

Check out the video below where I go more in-depth with my thoughts on the Bálor?Rollins war of words, in addition to discussing Sasha Banks’ confusing night, the promo package for Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton’s SummerSlam match, and more from RAW:


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