Deconstructing Conor McGregor’s WWE Narrative

Justin Gordon August 8, 2016 Comments Off on Deconstructing Conor McGregor’s WWE Narrative

I am beginning to assume that the world of MMA colliding with the WWE is now a yearly event. Last year you had UFC owner, Dana White, stating WWE is fake. Which caused mass amounts of hoopla on the internet where wrestlers and fans swung back at Mr. White. It was a topical news story for about a week.

Fast forward to this year, where prolific MMA fighter Conor McGregor essentially called Pro-Wrestlers, “Pussies.” Wouldn’t ya know it, the wrestling world didn’t take too kindly to what Mr. McGregor had to say. You had people from Kurt Angle to Roman Reigns sending angry tweets to McGregor. Fans are in an uproar about it also. I would be lying if I didn’t join them in said uproar.

Admittedly, this goes a bit beyond what McGregor had to say. For, if you look at what he had to say and examine it for more than 5 seconds, his narrative falls apart. To be a professional wrestler, you have to be everything but a pussy. Something us wrestling fans take for granted, like running the ropes, is no walk in the park. 3 minutes into wrestling school one will realize that being a pro-wrestler is tough and not for everybody. It’s a grueling job and takes a lot of blood sweat and tears to become even okay at your craft. I’d love to see if Conor McGregor could attend just one class at a wrestling school and maintain his mindset. I highly doubt he would. Make him run the ropes and perform basic bumps and he will change his stance. That’s almost a guarantee.

The word pussy doesn’t really come to mind when I think about Mick Foley, who lost an ear working a match. Or Shane McMahon, risking his damn life at this year’s WrestleMania jumping off the Hell in the Cell. Or Daniel Bryan or Edge who lost their careers at an early age due to a buildup of nagging injuries they received while performing. You can name any wrestler, even the ones who we all hate, and I would never classify them as a pussy.

However, like I said above, this really isn’t about what McGregor actually said. That is more for the wrestlers to take exception to because he was insulting them personally. He even admitted that on Twitter. No, my issue is what his statement represents. For so long, WWE and Pro-Wrestling has been the red headed step child of the entertainment industry. Nobody wants anything to do with it because it is scripted entertainment. Fans and wrestlers have been painted with an ignorant broad brush by society and it’s not right. People honestly believe wrestling fans have mental disorders and such. It seems the popular mentality is that wrestling fans believe it’s real. Ariel Helwani, another prominent UFC figure, has even made reference to this on his Twitter.

Newsflash, about 90% of modern day wrestling fans know it’s scripted. WWE has gone out of their way to kill off Kayfabe since the damn Attitude Era. The WWE Network is full on content promoting the fact that it is scripted. It’s not a secret or a giant revelation when we are told it’s fake. It honestly insults me personally when someone asks me that. I will not speak for everyone, but I love Pro-Wrestling for the same reasons I love stuff like True Detective and Archer. Those shows are scripted entertainment, those aren’t real. Monday Night Raw is just another show on TV I get invested in. The only difference between the performers on Monday Night RAW and True Detective is that the performers on RAW, perform their own stunts.

I guess I am foolish to think that Pro-Wrestling will ever be respected as a form of entertainment. However, when ignorant slogs like Conor McGregor and Dana White fuel that fire, it’s irritating. My big question is what did McGregor accomplish with his statement? Was he trolling to get a rise out of certain pro-wrestlers, he accomplished that but that isn’t a good look for him. Did he feel the need to puff out his chest and show his dominance over Pro-Wrestlers? Well, he came off more insecure than badass with his statement so he failed there. No, he just said it because it was an easy cheap shot to get some attention.

If the UFC is the powerhouse everybody claims it to be, why do they have to strike a chord with the Pro-Wrestling community? The answer is that they have keep pushing the narrative that UFC is macho and WWE is for pussies. They are constantly trying to divide and convert us. It’s more off-putting than anything else. Not to mention that highest draw in UFC history was Brock Lesnar. They have to be super insecure about that. That an entity WWE created had more star power than McGregor or anybody they created themselves.

End of the day, McGregor is entitled to his opinion. However, it’s a very ignorant opinion and a quick Google search would enlighten him a great deal. I truly believe his statement hurts the UFC’s credibility a little bit. WWE has not been bashing the UFC. Quite the contrary, JBL would not hesitate to mention that Brock was a UFC champion in a positive light. WWE has nothing to gain by starting a social media war with the UFC. Yet, UFC, for whatever reason, continually keeps poking the Pro-Wrestling bear and feeling the need to distinguish them from them. I don’t believe any UFC fan believes when they tune into a UFC they are expecting a WWE style show. You are selling your own company and fans short by constantly beating that dead horse.


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