SmackDown Live 7/26/16 | Dolph Ziggler becomes WWE Championship #1 contender

Brian Joel July 27, 2016 Comments Off on SmackDown Live 7/26/16 | Dolph Ziggler becomes WWE Championship #1 contender

RAW was the brand that needed a new world title, right? Well, with a WWE Championship match like Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose, apparently SmackDown Live needs one too.

I understand wanting to push the narrative of the ‘new era’ with new contenders for titles… but Dolph Ziggler?! While I did look at Ziggler as someone who could benefit greatly from a reset that could come along with the brand split, I had no idea that reset would be a rocket strapped to his backside that made him the #1 contender for a world title a week after the draft.

How about telling a story before the draft of Ziggler developing a killer instinct? Knowing that his career has been stagnant, he sees the impending brand split as an opportunity to increase his stock value, position himself as a hungry superstar ready to grab a top spot and ready to kick anyone’s ass that gets in his way.

I’d hate to believe that WWE neglected to send Ziggler on a storyline journey to set him for his eventual spot as a big four pay-per-view main eventer just for the sake of shock value and creating a “moment” for a live show.

In the video below, I discuss why RAW succeeded with Finn Bálor while SmackDown failed with Dolph Ziggler as the new faces in their respective main event scenes:


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