Roman Reigns Political Hit Theory, Triple H’s power struggle in WWE

Brian Joel February 26, 2016 Comments Off on Roman Reigns Political Hit Theory, Triple H’s power struggle in WWE

Once derided as a backstage politician of the worst variety, Triple H has miraculously become the fan-favorite going into a WrestleMania that he will headline as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The biggest factor in the turnaround of Triple H’s reputation among “smart” wrestling fans is his work in establishing WWE’s NXT brand. Due in part to his leadership, NXT has developed a cult following for serving as a refreshing alternative to the main roster, and Triple H has gained the trust and respect of some of his most ardent critics because of that.

Is NXT an indication that Triple H has left the backstage politics in the past, or does it simply provide a cover for political maneuvering at an even higher level? According to a theory that is gaining buzz, it may be the latter.

The “Political Hit” theory purports that Roman Reigns’ erratic characterization and shoddy booking can be attributed to intentional sabotage at the hands of Triple H, with Reigns being collateral damage in a Game of Thrones-style power struggle behind the scenes in WWE.

Following Roman Reigns’ bloody beat down on RAW, was there any question as to who the top in-ring talent in WWE was? Triple H, leveraging the good will gained through NXT, has somehow been positioned as the fresh face of the next generation while Reigns stands as a representation of the incompetence of the ‘old guard’ in WWE.

Is Triple H so far removed from infamous stories of political maneuvering that a clandestine conspiracy to sabotage Roman Reigns is out of the question? How does Shane McMahon’s return factor into this power struggle? If the stated purpose of NXT/WWE’s Performance Center is to create the next generation of WWE stars, why are wrestlers that make the transition marginalized on the main roster? Who is Kevin Dunn and where does he fit in all of this? These questions, and more, are answered as we explore and debate the Roman Reigns “Political Hit” theory in the video below:

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