Is Roman Reigns the victim of Triple H’s political hit-job?

Brian Joel February 23, 2016 Comments Off on Is Roman Reigns the victim of Triple H’s political hit-job?

*PWF Empire Live viewer Edward sent the following email in regarding a conspiracy theory that is starting to gain traction on the internet. The theory states that Roman Reigns is the victim of a ‘calculated hit’ designed to sabotage his push*

In a nutshell, Reigns’ WrestleMania opponent, Triple H, has used his influence within WWE to shape Reigns’ push with the intent of making it fail. The goal is that he wants a “Triple H guy” to inherit the top spot in the company. It’s a perfect storm for Triple H as he is the father of NXT, maybe the most beloved aspect of WWE by hardcore fans, which is pivotal in garnering him the reaction he needs for this theory.

Let’s start with Fastlane, which is when I made note of the ‘hit job’ in practice for the first time. It was interesting to think that, in theory, Reigns is poised to be pushed as the face of the company but not only was he not featured at the forefront of the build but to my knowledge no one on the pre-show panel or commentary picked Reigns to win the match. In fact, when Reigns won commentary sold it as if Reigns was just in the right place at the right time, not that he was clearly the winner.

Moving on to the post-Fastlane RAW, Roman makes very few appearances leading into a big main event versus, wait for it… Sheamus – again. The match that NOBODY wants to see builds towards a face-to-face encounter with Triple H who proceeds to beat, batter and bloody his Mania challenger. Throughout this beating Triple H slams Roman on the table to ‘Yes!’ chants with no attempt to steer the crowd away from singing along to the attack. This leads to Roman bleeding – which, with blood being so rare, will only garner the attacker adoration from the fan base. To cap it off, Triple H gives the beaten man the ‘Suck it’ sign, reminiscent of fan favorite DX. This is the second time a fair fight between Triple H and Reigns has gone Triple H’s way, starting with Royal Rumble when Triple H eliminated Reigns fair and square as a perfectly legal participant.

The endgame: at WrestleMania, Triple H is cheered loudly; with the entire world watching, the question will be asked, “If uber-heel Triple H can be cheered versus a guy, how can that guy be THE guy?” Roman will win the match, but Triple H can’t lose.

I won’t say I believe this conspiracy theory BUT any conspiracy theory is strengthened by the status quo being seemingly impossible or worthy of questioning; you can’t deny that over the last year plus you have questioned how could this company be this incompetent on countless occasions. Maybe they can’t be… it’s worth asking the question, right?

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