Turning the Revolution Around: A Divas Storyline

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For months, WWE fans waited for NXT Divas Charlotte, Becky, or Sasha Banks to be called up to the main roster. On the July 13, 2015 episode of Raw, the wait was over. Charlotte and Becky aligned with Paige, forming Team PCB and Sasha aligned with Naomi and Tamina forming Team BAD. Both of these teams entered competition with Team Bella (the Bella Twins and Alicia fox). So, there are three teams supposedly partaking in what is being labeled a revolution. But, the only real change in the division has been fresh faces and longer matches. There’s no real story. Ronda Rousey can defeat her opponents in seconds with no back story because her sport isn’t predetermined entertainment (from what we know). WWE is. There should be a story. Everyone’s been noticing the lack of a story and everyone’s fantasy booking this current story line—er—program. So, sticking with the three team theme, here’s a fantasy story line arc which I think would be/would’ve been interesting (it may be a little lengthy, but I think it’s worth the read):

  • Charlotte and Becky Lynch debut, saving Paige from a beat down by Team Bella on an episode of RAW.
  • The next week, Team PCB officially forms and cut an introductory promo. Their motivation: taking down Team Bella by taking the championship from Nikki. A rivalry between Team Bella and PCB begins.
  • PCB and Team Bella have various matches featuring different combinations of opposing team members squaring off, for the weeks leading to Battleground (similar to what we’ve been seeing thus far in reality).
    • Meanwhile, on Smackdown, Naomi and Tamina complain that they haven’t been given a fair chance to compete for the Divas Championship.
  • After a match, Stephanie McMahon commends PCB, in the middle of the ring, for their amazing work.
  • Battleground: During a PCB promo, Naomi and Tamina interrupt, feeling overlooked by “Stephanie’s golden girls”. Team Bella shows up on the stage to brag and whatnot. Stephanie books a two on three match: Naomi and Tamina V.S PCB with the winning team earning the right to face Team Bella. PCB wins with authority (no pun intended).
  • The next night on RAW, Naomi and Tamina attempt to attack PCB, however, PCB overcome the attack and get the best of the two sisters in law.
  • PCB demands Team Bella to face them on RAW or Smackdown, but Nikki claims that she’s nursing an injury and her doctor says she won’t be cleared to compete until Summerslam. The tag match is booked for the biggest party of the summer.
  • Stephanie declares that if PCB defeats Team Bella, Paige will earn an opportunity at the title.

  • On an episode of NXT (not sure if this would be possible due to taping schedules, but we’re fantasy booking here), Naomi and Tamina are seen backstage talking to other Divas asking them for help. No one is willing to help. Sasha Banks turns them down in a backstage segment. Later in the night, they physically take their frustrations out on Bayley.
  • The next week, Naomi faces Bayley on NXT. Bayley wins, but Sasha attacks her after the match. Once Bayley gets the upper hand, Naomi and Tamina assault her. Sasha slowly returns to the back before she’s attacked.
    • Natalya returns to action on RAW.
  • Summerslam: Team Bella defeats Team PCB by using dirty tactics.
  • The next night, Team Bella brags about winning and then Naomi and Tamina surround the ring. Nikki lets them know that they’re out numbered. Out comes Sasha Banks to side with Naomi and Tamina. A brawl breaks out. Before Team Bella is decimated, PCB runs out for the save. After a valiant effort by Paige’s team, Naomi, Tamina, and Sasha Banks are the ones standing tall.
  • Team BAD forms and begins to terrorize the Divas division.
    • They attack Natalya on an episode of Smackdown. She’s taken to the hospital.
  • On a RAW, Paige finally scores a victory over Nikki, which makes her #1 contender for the title at Night of Champions (NOC).
  • Every week, Team BAD refuses to compete until they get an opportunity at the Divas championship.
  • On the final RAW before NOC, Team BAD assaults Stephanie McMahon backstage and demands Triple H to insert one of them into the match at NOC or they’ll do even worse to Stephanie. Triple H agrees.
  • Night of Champions: Nikki V.S Paige V.S Sasha Banks for the title. Sasha is near victory over a downed Paige when out of nowhere, Natalya attacks her. Team BAD runs after Nattie, which allows Nikki to steal a victory over Paige.
  • For the next weeks, Team BAD feuds with Natalya (let’s say primarily on Smackdown and on the second Divas segments on RAW), who eventually finds partners of her own to help take them down.
  • Brie throws an in ring celebration for Nikki’s milestone achievement of becoming the longest reigning Divas champion of all time and her victory over Paige. Becky Lynch and Charlotte pretend to congratulate Nikki, but then they ruin the entire celebration.
  • Becky earns the right to face Nikki after winning a #1 contenders match on RAW.
  • Hell in a Cell: Nikki defeats Becky Lynch, in a title match, via dirty tactics.
    • Team BAD defeats the team of Natalya, Emma, and Summer Rae in a cell match (note: it’s not essential for it to be these three Divas, but let’s say it’s three victims of Team BAD throughout the weeks).
  • On a RAW, PCB interrupts Team Bella and says that Nikki will lose the title to one of them. Nikki boasts that she’s beaten every member of PCB, except Charlotte. She claims that she will defeat Charlotte to prove that no one in PCB can beat her. However, she adds one condition, in order for the match to happen, Charlotte has to defeat every other member of team Bella first, without Paige or Becky ringside.
  • Over the next two weeks, Charlotte defeats Brie Bella and Alicia Fox, which earns her a title match at Survivor Series.
    • In various backstage segments, Brie is seen planning Nikki’s one year as champion celebration, assuming that Charlotte won’t win the title.
  • Survivor Series: Charlotte defeats Nikki, winning the Divas championship.
  • On RAW the next night, PCB celebrates in the ring. Team BAD walks out and stares down PCB. A brawl breaks out. Team PCB runs away in legitimate fear; Team BAD is a threat.
  • Nikki evokes her rematch at TLC in a ladder match.
  • TLC: Team BAD defeats Paige and Becky in a tables match (Paige is kayfabe injured and out for months after this).
    • Nikki and Charlotte compete in a ladder match for the title. Team BAD interferes. Sasha climbs the ladder and grabs the Divas Championship. Amid controversy, Sasha wins the championship.

We now have the renegade Team BAD in control of the Divas division and Charlotte and Becky having to over come the odds to get the title back. A new belt could be instated, there could be more Divas main events, and of course, there could be various other NXT talent called up (such as Bayley, Nia Jax, or KANA) to shake things up and give the roster more depth. What I would have happen next is, Stephanie sides with team BAD (out of necessity) and helps them avoid unfavorable situations with her power. I’d have team BAD allow some more members in as well. Stephanie announces a Divas royal-rumble-style 20 person battle royal, the night after the Royal Rumble event, featuring NXT divas as well (this would be so cool), which Charlotte wins. Now we have Charlotte V.S Sasha at Wrestlemania. Whether Charlotte wins or loses, team BAD would break up within the next months. This is just one story I thought would be fun, which in short is just: PCB overcomes Team Bella, Team BAD takes the title and takes over the division, then a member of PCB has to fight to finally overthrow BAD. It’s just fantasy booking, but, I think that having motivations, stories, multiple feuds, stipulation matches, great matches, time, and creativity would lead to a new era in the WWE women’s division. And the word revolution wouldn’t have to be mentioned once.


Possible Side stories: Stephanie V.S Ronda Rousey at Mania (Naomi and Tamina try to help Steph during the match, but get beaten down) and Kharma returns and defeats the Bella Twins in a loser leaves WWE handicap match at Fastlane or something.

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