Push, Repackage, Release #3: WWE’s Divas Revolution

Brian Joel August 7, 2015 Comments Off on Push, Repackage, Release #3: WWE’s Divas Revolution

With Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte making the jump from NXT to WWE’s main roster, who would you push as a top star? If forced to fire one of the ladies, who’d get the boot? WWE’s Diva Revolution takes center stage on the latest edition of Push, Repackage, Release!

The purpose of Push, Repackage, Release is to evaluate talent based off of their individual attributes, then rank them to see which attributes you find more valuable as a wrestling fan.

Here are the rules of the game:

1. Congratulations, you are now in charge of your own wrestling promotion! Based off their current characters, assign three selected wrestlers the status of either Push, Repackage, or Release (three different status levels, three different wrestlers – you do the math).

2. Explain why:

a. Your Push deserves to be one of your top stars.
b. Your Repackage pick needs work and/or is worth saving.
c. The Release didn’t make the cut.

Where would the battle lines be drawn if you were the one calling the shots? Leave your feedback and check out what the PWF Empire Live hosts had to say.


Push SashaSasha Banks currently has the best character out of the bunch; she’s a solid talker, she has in-ring skills, her entrance is on point, and she has a great presence. Sasha exemplifies everything WWE needs right now in women’s wrestling.

Repackage CharlotteWWE talks about the fact that Charlotte is Ric Flair’s daughter a little more than is necessary. She’s a great athlete and is incredible in the ring, so she definitely has the talent to stand on her own two feet. Referencing the fact that Ric Flair is her dad every once-in-a-while is one thing, but co-opting his quirks is kind of lame.

Randy Orton was known as the Legend Killer, not Bob Orton’s kid; if you really want to show us a revolution with the Divas, why not have Charlotte be Ric Flair’s daughter, but not be known as that?
Becky Lynch ReleaseReleasing Becky Lynch wasn’t an easy thing to do; she’s immensely talented, and her unique background (and her accent) makes her very interesting. Along with being good in the ring, she has a lot to offer, but compared to Charlotte (who also has a lot to offer) and Sasha Banks (who has everything to offer), Becky just doesn’t make the cut.


Push SashaOver the last generation, WWE has done a great deal to condition their fans to view women in wrestling differently than the men; with Sasha Banks being one of the brightest shining up-and-coming stars in WWE today — male or female, she breaks that mold. Months ago I authored a column titled Sasha Banks’ Unstoppable road to Wrestler of the Year where I said “(Sasha’s) outshined so many of her male counterparts that restricting her accolades to female-only awards would be an injustice,” and I stand by every single word.

The Diva Revolution needs to work if not for anything else, for Sasha Banks. She needs to be part of a strong division that is equipped to cultivate talent and allows someone like her prosper.

Repackage CharlotteEven though Evan and I made the same picks, I’m taking a slightly different approach. While he thinks that WWE is too heavy-handed with promoting the fact that Charlotte is Ric Flair’s daughter, I think it’s inarguably her best asset. There’s so much that WWE could do with Charlotte’s familial connection with one of the icons of the wrestling industry because it compels people to pay attention to her even before they know what she brings to the table on her own (and luckily, she’s talented enough to not run anyone away once they do start paying attention).

With every single NXT Women’s Championship match that Charlotte’s been in being amazing, she displays the great quality of turning up the intensity on the ‘big stage’. While she does frequently show moments of being unpolished in the ring when the stakes aren’t so high, what she has working in her favor is enough to warrant her presence in any company of mine.

Becky Lynch ReleaseIf it’s any consolation, I’m a huge fan of Becky Lynch. I love her look and her story. While I have no issue in admitting that Becky is much more technically sound and consistent than Charlotte is, the marketability that Charlotte brings to the table is what gives her the edge over the ‘Lass Kicker’. I wouldn’t ever want to get rid of Becky Lynch, but with a field of three talented individuals, one unfortunately had to go.

Check out the clip below of PWF Empire Live hosts discussing their picks for Push, Repackage, Release:

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