Curious Questions From Smackdown 7/16/15

Kadeem July 18, 2015 Comments Off on Curious Questions From Smackdown 7/16/15

There are plenty of questions, heading into WWE battleground, however, we still need some answers from Smackdown’s “go home show” before we get to that event. 

So, is Roman’s daughter not getting any on screen involvement? Unfortunately, Roman Reigns came out and cut a promo to open the show. Bray Wyatt interrupted on the titantron and among his pointless rhetoric, he told Reigns to surround his self with family members before their match match at Battleground. That reminded me that this feud once involved Reigns’ daughter. Like many, I thought that we might get to see Wyatt kidnap little female Roman, or see her come out and disown her father. Maybe it’s better that she didn’t show up because based on how poorly creative has managed Reigns and Wyatt at times, the whole thing was likely to be pretty bad. Plus, it’ll probably be best for her life in the long run if she doesn’t get involved with the WWE right now. 

Can Wade Barrett only consistently defeat Jack Swagger? This was the second time in the past month that Wade Barrett has defeated Jack Swagger on Smackdown. Barrett has been losing so much that you’d think that he’s Raw’s viewership ratings. He surprisingly didn’t get eliminated from the last episode of Tough Enough, which he appeared on, and also won his match tonight. I suppose Jack Swagger’s just a Jobber’s jobber. Man, Jack Swagger is technically my favorite wrestler (relax, I didn’t say my favorite match was Melina v.s Alicia Fox, please keep reading), but, he’s fallen so far from grace that it’s almost sad. I want to write about him with excitement because of his pure awesomeness (see the section on Team Bad later on in this column), but he hasn’t been awesome in a while (yes, there were times when he was sort of awesome; go watch a Kevin Owens match if you want, you haters). I’ll keep my faith in Swagger, but as for Wade Barrett, there’s no way he leaves Battleground with his crown. 

Will WWE fully commit to pushing Cesaro this time? It doesn’t matter, let’s just be quiet and enjoy it while it lasts. He just became the second man to defeat Rusev (via pinfall or submission) and is consistently in the best match on almost every show that he’s featured on. Don’t speculate, just be quiet and enjoy it.

Seriously, why are matches from RAW still being repeated? WWE has 8 hours of new wrestling every week and a roster of 90 plus stars. Stardust and Neville just faced off on RAW. Why can’t we have any fresh match ups? Yes, we got Rusev V.S Cesaro (which still piggy backed off of the triple threat from RAW), but where are the guys who can’t get on RAW? Are they not deserving of Smackdown either? I know that there’s no longer a brand split and everyone can wrestle anywhere, but, we keep getting the same competitors. And if fans have to watch the WWE Superstars show to see different wrestlers, that’s disappointing (not just because certain wrestlers can’t get on the bigger shows, but because I’d have to actually watch WWE superstars). Is Smackdown not its own show? Is it just a continuation of Raw (without John Cena) now? Shake things up WWE. 

Team BAD? YES, YES, YES, YES! Fans of pro wrestling rejoiced when Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks made their main roster debut on RAW because it was an amazing moment and it was about time that the NXT divas took their spots. But, and please excuse the bias, Sasha Banks is the best wrestler in WWE right now-heck, the world, forget Kazuchika Okada and Daniel Bryan. Forget Becky and Charlotte because right now it’s ALL TEAM BAD EVERYTHING. I know its early too say this, but Team BAD could be the best thing to happen to the main roster Diva’s division since the last best thing to happen to the main roster Diva’s division (which in my opinion, was LayCool). Think about it, Becky and Charlotte are with Paige, Paige lost her original NXT  coolness the moment she touched AJ Lee. She’s gonna bring them down in their alliance with her. Sasha and Naomi are already awesome. I know The Boss is gaining so many more fans and I’m not bandwagon-ing or sipping the kool-aid, so to speak. But, the reason why she has so many fans is because she has an aura about her. The charisma; the IT factor. She is the boss. I cannot not like Sasha Banks and I’m sorry that I’m just jumping from point to point, but the WWE has a dude excited for once. Yeah, I said forget Becky and Charlotte… wait no, Charlotte’s awesome, don’t forget her… crap, Becky’s pretty great too, okay don’t forget any individuals, but forget a team Bella and a team Paige turners or whatever they’re going to be called. Team BAD is all that matters. Yeah I said it. The are indeed the best at dominating (as they stated in their backstage promo tonight). Team BAD, the three best Divas ( kayfabe wise) in the division today: Naomi, Sasha Banks, and Naomi’s light up shoes. There’s excitement in the air. 

Did this week’s Smackdown mainevent matter? Nope. Ambrose and Reigns defeated Sheamus and Big Show by disqualification, thanks to an interference by Bray Wyatt. It was a good match, but still a throwaway main event, which barely advanced the Reigns and Wyatt feud with Reigns standing tall in the end. Wyatt just costs his opponents matches and smirks in his backstage promos. He’s doing the same thing over and over and is apparently expecting a different result. That’s what Albert Einstein called insanity. Is Bray Wyatt insane? Yeah. Insanely stupid. Real talk.

What grade does this episode deserve? B. Thank Cesaro and Rusev for that good grade. 

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