Nikki Bella exposes the fallacy of WWE anti-Divas | PWF Empire Live (Clip)

Brian Joel February 4, 2015 Comments Off on Nikki Bella exposes the fallacy of WWE anti-Divas | PWF Empire Live (Clip)

Buried in the midst of Diva-dom on this past episode of RAW was an off-the-cuff comment from Divas Champion Nikki Bella, taking aim at the myth of the modern day ‘Anti-Diva’:

How many girls are we gonna have come in and want to be an ‘anti-Diva,’ but they sit there with fake eyelashes, pounds of make-up on, and get ready just like everyone else.

Many have pointed out the irony of Nikki Bella, of all people, being the one to make the statement… not realizing that instead of insulting her, they’re actually signifying her point. For far too long, a false paradigm has existed within WWE’s Divas division that puts the likes of Paige and AJ Lee on a pedestal and separates them from the rest of the Divas in WWE as if they are any different.

Here we have Paige, the anti-Diva who’s totally joined the cast of ‘Total Divas’. In addition, she’s incorporated this pinfall into her arsenal, which I’m willing to bet Paige’s objective isn’t to keep anything down, much less her opponent:


And I’m sure we’re not too far removed from the ‘frenemy’ feud between Paige and AJ Lee that explored both extreme ends of the spectrum, ranging from psycho to borderline HLA. Further propagating the myth of the ‘anti-Diva,’ that same AJ Lee was the one who once told the Bella Twins that “talent isn’t sexually transmitted.” Really? Seeing as AJ rose to notoriety in WWE after romance angles with Daniel Bryan, Kane, CM Punk, John Cena, and Dolph Ziggler… she seriously could’ve fooled me.

This isn’t an indictment on Paige or AJ Lee’s talent; it’s more of an observation of the fact that some fans have no issue with buying into lip service. Simply hearing AJ and Paige say how different they are is a perfectly acceptable alternative to actually seeing evidence of it being true. They’re not rebels against The Machine, they’re products of it.

Check out the clip below of PWF Empire Live hosts discussing the evaporating myth of the ‘anti-Diva’…

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