Top 5 Divas to keep your eyes on

Justin Gordon January 22, 2015 1

Realizing AJ Lee’s stock in WWE is about as low as the company’s stock itself, I found myself in a qualm of putting my stamp of approval on a new Diva. When thinking about who to choose I discovered there are a couple Divas under the WWE umbrella that could be a major factor in the not too distant future. So, I present to you my top 5 WWE-contracted Divas to keep your eyes peeled for (besides the fact that they are all beautiful and I’m willing to forget the fact they don’t return my phone calls):


#5: Charlotte Flair

The current NXT Women’s Champion being this low on the list may be shocking, but the truth is she’s still riding the coattails of her father and not separating herself enough to make room for her own legacy. Also, it’s well known by now the greatness of this NXT gem (evident by her current reign as Diva of the Year), so it’s hard to keep your eyes peeled for something you see coming a mile away. However, Charlotte’s body of work can’t be denied as she has already taken part in two of the greatest Divas matches of all time, earning her a spot on this list.

#4: Nikki Bella

With my notorious Bella-bashing, I’d understand any confusion in Nikki being nominated at all. But not even I can deny the fact that Nikki Bella has made great strides in being a good in-ring talent and has potential to have really damn good Divas matches. She isn’t a popular choice for a bevy of reasons but I say keep a look out for this Dark Horse Diva to make a stampede splash in the Divas division for all the right reasons.


#3: Alexa Bliss

I get it; her character is very juvenile and not necessarily for all the grown-ups out there (ven PWF Empire’s very own Duke has shown his disdain for her), but facts are facts. Alexa Bliss has shown tremendous atheltism. She has the potential to pull off a 450 splash and in all my years of wrestling I’ve never seen a Diva pull that off and I must say that peaks my curiosity. Alexa Bliss has the potential to be an exciting fresh act needed to breathe new life into a division currently on life support. Only time will tell if Alexa is merely flippy shit or flippy bliss.

#2: Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is NXT’s best kept secret. She has a pretty kick-ass female empowerment gimmick with the moniker of “The Boss.” She is arguably the best all-around female wrestler in the WWE. While most focus on Charlotte because of the Flair legacy,  Sasha Banks is the Diva that has captured my interest. She has a really good shot to be the greatest heel Diva of all-time, and you can take that to the bank.

#1: Renee Young

I know, I know; she isn’t a wrestler and some will cry foul, but I don’t care because it’s MY list! It’s been rumored that ESPN has expressed interest in Renee and there’s been a Renee Young-mania going around ever since. She is slowly but surely becoming the female face of the WWE (a face that you can’t go an episode of WWE programming without seeing). She also has a really good chance of treading new ground and becoming the first female main roster announce team personality, a feat that not even mainstream sports has yet taken. Renee Young has the potential for great things. The future is indeed bright for Renee Young.

  • Ryan Croy

    Mark my words, Alexa Bliss is gonna be bigger than sliced bread one day. Couldn’t agree more with you on all 5. Fantastic article!