Dean Ambrose: Bray Wyatt’s Kindred Spirit

Charlie November 11, 2014 Comments Off on Dean Ambrose: Bray Wyatt’s Kindred Spirit

Seldom in wrestling does a character reach such levels of baffling complexity as Bray Wyatt has reached in the year that he has frequented WWE television. In that time, Wyatt debuted as an intriguing man of mystery, evolved to a cult of personality and fallen to an irrelevant false prophet. After returning at Hell In A Cell, many would say Wyatt is up to his familiar tricks of ambiguous anecdotes and unclear motives. Although on the surface this may seem to be the case, things are not always what they seem. The once perplexing and disengaging “Eater of Worlds” may have just found the direction that is needed to transform himself into the well defined character a WWE Superstar strives to become. That direction, of course, is newly found adversary, Dean Ambrose.

I understand it, because I came from it too. And every time that I look at you, I can’t help but see my own deranged reflection glaring back at me. We both are victims of a system that makes men tortured; things that would make others cringe and grimace excite people like you and me. This world is not made for us. Think about it man. Think about it. What happens? What happens next? What happens next? You tell me. But understand that I am not your brother and I am not your friend. The sins of this world I walk on a daily basis. I know you because I am you. I’m going to dismantle your mind and feast on the spoils. Run, Dean, run.”

– Bray Wyatt, Monday Night RAW (October 27th)

In his first response to his actions of the previous night, Bray Wyatt placed the building blocks of the Ambrose vs Wyatt feud. For the first time mixed in with the cryptic message, was the explanation of clear motivation. Bray Wyatt stated that every time he sees Dean Ambrose he can’t help but come to the realization that he is staring into his own eyes. Bray wraps up his promo proclaiming that he will dismantle the mind of Dean Ambrose and feast on the spoils. But what does that mean and what does Bray Wyatt have to gain? Those questions would be answered when Wyatt entered the ring on the Halloween edition of Friday Night SmackDown.

Today is very very very special day. Because today, all of you get to pretend to be someone or something that you are not. Have you ever stopped to wonder why, why it is that camouflaging and costuming yourself makes you feel so comfortable? Why wear a mask? Is it to hide from all the horrors of the world? Or maybe it’s to hide the fact that you hate everything about your normal everyday horrible lives. Regardless, you can not play pretend forever. As a matter of fact when you wake up, you go back to being just another one of those anonymous souls. But Dean, but Dean Ambrose, Dean Ambrose is different. Dean Ambrose doesn’t get to take his mask off. He waves it around for the world to see on a daily basis. And you love it and you love it and you love him for it and you can’t understand why.

Why? It’s because he’s different. He’s nothing like anyone of you. Dean Ambrose is like me. He’s a creature, an animal, Dean Ambrose is a monster. And if anyone can imagine what that rush felt like when you finally had Seth Rollins all alone in that cell and you were beating the life out of him mercilessly, I understand Dean. Because I know, I know what it feels like to have something breathing right in the midst of your closing hands. And I can feel right now what that power is like. Because in that moment you are not just a man; in that moment you are immortal, in that moment you are something greater because in that moment you have the power to take it all away. I know who you are Dean Ambrose and I know all of the horrible things you have done but as long as my eyes are locked on you, you don’t get to just wash your filthy hands away. Your sins will stain you forever.”

– Bray Wyatt, Friday Night SmackDown (October 31st)

But the question still remains, why does Bray Wyatt have a problem with Dean Ambrose? Well, Dean Ambrose might just be everything Bray Wyatt wants to be. Bray Wyatt proclaims that Dean Ambrose is a just like him, he’s not normal, he’s a monster. What does Bray hint at as the difference between them? The people love Dean Ambrose.

Bray Wyatt’s idea is that he and Dean Ambrose are the same, that he knows him because he is him. While that may indicate that Bray Wyatt thinks like Dean Ambrose, it’s actually Ambrose that thinks like Wyatt. Bray is an artist of propaganda, a master manipulator, but is Dean Ambrose that as well? If Wyatt is correct in his assessment that he and Ambrose are the same, that would point to the idea that Dean Ambrose utilizes the same tactics as Bray. What’s the problem then? Well, it’s been successful for Dean Ambrose. The same can’t be said for Bray Wyatt.

Along with the narrative Wyatt created, he also gave Dean Ambrose a label. He accused Dean Ambrose of wearing a mask and manipulating the fans into believing in his idealized “Unstable” persona. It is this that inspires the statement that Bray Wyatt knows of all the horrible things Ambrose has done and he will not let him wash his hands clean. Bray Wyatt’s mission is to expose Ambrose as the cult of personality that Bray himself strives to be. Fans gravitate to Dean Ambrose and his deranged personality but can’t explain why, all the while shunning Bray Wyatt. It’s simple: Dean Ambrose is no hero but an evil genius successfully manipulating the minds of the WWE Universe for his personal gain. Wyatt’s goal is dismantle Ambrose’s mind and feast on the spoils. In other words he will destroy the “Unstable” persona and take power over the WWE Universe.

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