PWTR | WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Post-Show Review

Brian Joel May 4, 2014 3

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  • Warren Griffin

    If Reality Era has no Place for Kane or Undertaker, Where does Golden era Throwback John ‘Last Son of Krypton’ Cena fit?

  • Jordan King

    About the Bray Wyatt and John Cena match, I agree that the match itself wasn’t all that good, but I do think a story was told. The point of this match wasn’t to draw the monster out of John Cena, but to demonstrate that win or lose, Bray will still take John’s fans away, and drag them to his side. Bray Wyatt didn’t care about winning or losing, he wanted to show that the fans have turned on John Cena. This was demonstrated the entire match. Whenever Bray was in control, he would look at the crowd, point to them, talk to John and taunt him about them. He danced with John once, and even conducted the crowd like an orchestra. Then John Cena turned into Super Cena. No matter what the Wyatt Family did after that, John Cena was able to overcome it…until the end when that kid appeared. John Cena could have won this match, but he didn’t because he was betrayed by the very people who he thought believed in him (children), and that goes perfectly well with the story. Bray Wyatt didn’t beat John Cena, the fans beat John Cena. Even though Bray was losing, the fans still chose him, and because they chose him, because they bought into his message, John lost.

    As far as Michael Cole goes…he’s the same idiot who tried to say that the fans had John Cena face the entire Wyatt Family on Raw because they believed in him, and wanted to see him get his hands on Bray. I kind of just accept at this point that he and Jerry Lawler don’t know what’s going on.

    • JayDubShow

      Be prepared: I’ll be addressing your comment on the show this week…