PWTR |Triple H Destroys Daniel Bryan

Brian Joel March 19, 2014 1

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Topics discussed:

  • New stipulation added to Daniel Bryan vs Triple H
  • Triple H’s vicious attack on Daniel Bryan
  • Randy Orton and Batista’s place in the WWE World Championship feud
  • Will Triple H main event WrestleMania 30?
  • John Cena says he’s “afraid” of Bray Wyatt
  • Is Cena artificially inflating The Wyatt Family’s importance?
  • Paul Heyman questioning Undertaker’s mortality
  • Disappointing build-up for The Streak
  • The Shield turn face, attack Corporate Kane
  • The “What The F*ck Happened to my Career?” WrestleMania battle royal
  • TNA talk
  • The Talking Dead… and more!

  • Warren Griffin


    anyway, Ya know, If DBry wins it all, I could See that pushing HHH to going “Kill Bryan” mode. I’d almost like it that he is so sickened by the failing of Main eventer hang ons -Orton- and seasonal glory hogs -Batista- to stop Bryan… that basically in a fit of Vince insane reverse troll logic… Since Bryan is from the bottom, if HHH picks someone from the bottom and molds them into a Anti-Bryan kill bot. He’ll win in the end. Cause He’ll have his own hand crafted Champion and DBry will be crippled.

    That and the Authority needs minions now that the Shields gone back to being vigilantes and there are plenty of guys that can go and could use the spotlight for a bit.