PWTR | Is Roman Reigns The Future of WWE?

Brian Joel February 13, 2014 2

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Topics discussed:

  • The end of the Cena vs Orton rivalry
  • Randy Orton’s standing as WWE *World Heavyweight Champion
  • How The Authority is affecting the roster
  • Daniel Bryan’s storyline with Kane
  • John Cena ushering in a new era?
  • A new generation of WWE stars
  • Is Roman Reigns the future of WWE?
  • The curious case of Cody Rhodes
  • Batista destroys Del Rio, creates conflict with Triple H
  • Dolph Ziggler’s bad luck streak
  • Lita into the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame class… and more!



    Did you kick Justin off the show?

    • Justin Gordon

      No, We are just giving fans of the show a break. I brought a persona onto the show and wasn’t really being myself. I was a character not a co-host. That was wrong of me. The fans and listeners deserve the best and i was simply wasn’t allowing that to happen. So, this was a chance for me to get my act together. I’ll be back in the near future and I’ll be myself. Pinky Promise.