WWE RAW 8/5/13 Results: Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, John Cena vs The Shield

Brian Joel August 5, 2013 5

Monday Night RAW, LIVE from Green Bay Wisconsin


The show opens with Stephanie McMahon already in the ring welcoming fans to Monday Night RAW. She says her father, Vince McMahon, doesn’t believe that Daniel Bryan is championship material. Her compromise is a corporate make-over for him.

Stephanie throws to a video showing Daniel Bryan being pampered in a spa, followed by him lifting weights. He goes to Texas Roadhouse and proceeds to eat a steak. Next, he’s seen being fitted for a suit. Stephanie introduces Bryan, and he comes out with a new suit on.

Bryan asks the crowd if they like the make-over, they say “No”. He thanks Stephanie, but says that isn’t what the company really wants. They want someone who is “jacked up and wears cargo shorts with a yellow t-shirt”. Daniel says he respects Cena, but says Cena doesn’t think Bryan can beat him. Bryan asks “How can somebody as lowly as me beat a superstar like John Cena”. Bryan answers with “Because John Cena is an entertainer, and Daniel Bryan is a wrestler!”.

He says Cena hasn’t crawled through the holes he has in his career. Bryan says Cena will go back to a mansion if he gets fired and may never wrestle again, but Bryan would continue wrestling. Bryan says he will do what the company wants “for now”, but at SummerSlam he will make John Cena tap out.

Bryan leads the crowd in “YES!” chants, but Vince McMahon cuts them off and heads to the ring. Vince proceeds to rip apart Bryan’s appearance, but turns around and says he is warming up to him. Vince says WWE has never had a dwarf with the muscularity of a toothpick as WWE Champion. Vince says he has considerable influence in Bryan becoming champion if Bryan would just listen to him.

Vince says if Bryan really wants to be WWE Champion, with his support, then Bryan should shave his beard off. Stagehands bring down a barber’s chair while Daniel Bryan leads the crowd in “NO!” chants. Vince tells Bryan “You talk about being fired… be careful what you wish for”.

[Q 2] Vince asks if Bryan really wants to be WWE Champion, then he should get in the chair. Bryan gets in the chair, and Vince calls down Wade Barrett to shave his beard. Bryan headbutts Wade and throws him in the chair. Bryan then begins to forcefully shave Barrett’s beard and beats him with the clippers.

Bryan tells Vince “I am going to be who I’ve always been, and I’m going to be WWE Champion.” He rips his button-up off to reveal a shirt that says “The Beard is Here!” [Commercial]

The Miz joins JBL, Jerry Lawler, and Michael Cole on commentary as Rob Van Dam makes his entrance. Following is a returning Ricardo Rodriguez to introduce World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio.

 1. Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) vs Rob Van Dam 

RVD takes control of the match early with his signature offense as #1 contender Christian watches from backstage. RVD kicks Del Rio out of the ring and performs a moonsault from the apron. [Commercial]

[Q 3] The match returns with RVD regaining control, but Del Rio dodges Rolling Thunder. RVD then successfully hits Rolling Thunder and attempts a moonsault from the top rope, but Del Rio knees him in the midsection. Ricardo Rodriguez sets up his metal bucket in the corner for Del Rio to throw RVD into. As Del Rio proceeds with the plan, RVD reverses and Del Rio goes crashing into the bucket instead. RVD pins the champ for the win.

Rob Van Dam defeats Alberto Del Rio (6:17)

Post-match Del Rio attacks Ricardo Rodriguez and proceeds to beat him with the metal bucket before tossing him out of the ring and smashing his head in between the steel steps and ring post.

A teaser airs promoting Curtis Axel (w/ Paul Heyman) vs CM Punk. [Commercial]

Cody Rhodes cuts a promo in the ring saying that “True friends stab you in the front” so Damien Sandow was never really his friend. Cody says he has a present for Damien before a video airs highlighting him throwing the Money in the Bank briefcase into the Gulf of Mexico.

Cody reveals his present be the recovered MITB breifcase, and tells Sandow to come and get it. Sandow comes out and tells Cody to “Put the briefcase down and leave”. Cody obliges, but jumps back into the ring as soon as Sandow goes for the briefcase. He runs him off and takes throws the briefcase back to Sandow, not before taking the actual contract out of the briefcase.

[Q 4] The commentators promote a WrestleMania rematch between Ryback and Mark Henry for after the break. [Commercial]

A recap of Ryback bullying the guy in catering is shown before Ryback and Mark Henry make their way to the ring.

2. Ryback vs Mark Henry

The competitors start out sizing each other up. The two lock up and Henry shoulder tackles Ryback to the mat. Ryback attacks Henry at the knee and works him over on the mat. Ryback charges at Henry, but Henry shoulder blocks him. Henry swings at Ryback, but Ryback jumps out of the ring and heads up the ramp, intentionally getting counted out.

Mark Henry defeats Ryback via count-out (1:47)

The announcers tease a response to Daniel Bryan’s comments from John Cena. [Commercial]

The Bellas are shown backstage bickering about “Total Divas” and who’s hotter. Eva Marie randomly appears to give the Bellas hairspray. Natalya walks up to the group as Brie says her being on “Total Divas” is a slap in the face. Natalya replies with an actual slap in the face.

[Q 5] John Cena comes to the ring and starts to speak. He says that sometimes he has to face evil, and “sometimes I’ve got to stand face-to-face in the ring with a true fan favorite. That brings me to Daniel Bryan”. He says it forces the crowd to choose, and acknowledges that a lot of the fans have chosen Daniel Bryan. He says it was a lot of truth in his statements, but there was ignorance too.

Cena says Bryan is no different than The Rock or CM Punk and many others who criticize who he is or how he dresses. Cena says he isn’t changing for Bryan or anyone else. Cena says Bryan is right, he would never wrestle after leaving the WWE, only because he doesn’t want to tarnish the prestige of being the WWE Champion because it is the NFL of wrestling. He says it means “Not For Long” if Bryan keeps glorifying his past wrestling in auditoriums and disrespecting WWE.

Cena debunks the claims that he can’t wrestle, saying “I’ve won the WWE Championship 11 times, and you just don’t get lucky 11 times”. Cena says that if Bryan doesn’t win the WWE Championship, he has to wake up the next day and realize that he wasn’t good enough.

Randy Orton comes to the ring, Money in the Bank briefcase in hand, and says Cena isn’t aware of the threat he poses. Orton also says it doesn’t matter who wins the match at SummerSlam, because he is a guaranteed champion. The Shield makes their entrance through the crowd and surround Orton and Cena in the ring. Daniel Bryan runs to the ring to even the playing field. RAW GM Brad Maddox runs to the ring and books a 6-man tag match as the main event of RAW. [Commercial]

[Q 6] Tons of Funk and The Funkadactyls are in the ring dancing, but are interrupted by The Wyatt Family’s entrance.

3. The Wyatt Family (Rowan and Harper w/ Bray Wyatt) vs Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay and Sweet T w/ The Funkadactyls)

The Wyatt Family dominates the match as Bray Wyatt looks on. Brodus Clay briefly gains control before being derailed by a member of the Wyatt Family. Harper splashes Clay and gets the pin for the win.

The Wyatt Family defeats Tons of Funk (1:14)

Post-match Bray Wyatt enters the ring and hits his finisher on Brodus Clay. Bray grabs a mic and says “The Devil’s favorite demon is a fairytale.” He then taunts Kane and tells him to “Follow the buzzards”.

Fire erupts from the stage and Kane appears on the TitanTron. He says “When you rip the wings off buzzards, they’re impossible to follow.” Kane says both he and Bray love to torture and maim, but Bray does it to spread a message and Kane does it for fun. Kane challenges Bray to a match at SummerSlam and says no one, not even his family, will save him from a ring of fire. [Commercial]

Josh Mathews interviews CM Punk backstage asking him about Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman. Punk says unlike his father’s relationship with his manager, Axel doesn’t have a mind of his own when he is with Heyman. Mathews asks Punk of his upcoming match with Lesnar, and Punk responds with “Lesnar will lose a match at SummerSlam, and Paul Heyman will lose everything”.

A recap of Layla turning on Kaitlyn on SmackDown airs.

[Q 7] 4. Layla vs Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn starts out manhandling Layla before Layla seeks refuge on the ropes. Layla cheapshots Kaitlyn and DDT’s her, attempting a pin. Kaitlyn kicks out and Layla continues to maintain control of the match. Layla drives Kaitlyn’s head to the mat and rushes towards Kaitlyn, but she counters with a backbreaker.

Kaitlyn prepares to spear Layla, but AJ’s music hits and she skips to the ring. Layla dodges the spear and takes advantage of Kaitlyn being distracted by AJ. Layla kicks Kaitlyn in the head and successfully pins her.

Layla defeats AJ (3:04)

Post-match AJ and Layla skip around the ring. [Commercial]

The announcers promote Damien Sandow vs Cody Rhodes at SummerSlam

5. Christian vs Heath Slater

Christian trips Slater into the ropes and stops short of his signature slap as the other members of 3MB surround him. Christian gets back into the ring and is beaten down by Slater. Heath gets Christian into a headlock, but Christian fights out of it. Slater quickly regains control and distracts the ref as Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntryre get cheap shots in on Christian.

Slater attempts to suplex Christian to the outside of the ring, but Christian counters with a slap. Slater gains the upper hand once again, but taunts the audience with dances. He turns around and Christian hits him with a spear. Christian covers Slater.

Christian defeats Heath Slater (3:15) 

CM Punk is shown backstage walking to the ring. [Commercial]

[Q 8] CM Punk makes his entrance, followed by Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman. Punk sees Heyman and rushes up the ramp as Heyman runs backstage. The two competitors as the ref tries to move them to the ring.

6. Curtis Axel vs CM Punk

Punk trips Axel and flows into a hold where he works over Axel’s left knee. Punk clotheslines Axel out of the ring and follows up with a suicide dive. [Commercial]

Back to the match, Punk fights out of a submission, only to be slammed to the mat by Axel again. Axel locks in a submission as Paul Heyman marches down to the ring. As Punk is in the sleeper, he gives Heyman a death stares and counters the hold with a backdrop. Heyman taunts and distracts Punk and allows Axel to clothesline him.

Punk delivers a crossbody from the top rope on Axel, and proceeds to chase Heyman around the ring, only to be clotheslined by Curtis Axel. Axel rolls Punk into the ring and attempts a cover, only gets two. Punk dodges an aerial attack from Axel and goes into his momentum swing of signature moves.

[Q 9] Punk goes to the top rope for an elbow, but Axel rushes him causing Punk to crash to the mat. Axel hits Punk with a neckbreaker and attempts a pin, but Punk kicks out at two. Punk recovers and kicks Axel in the head. Axel lays on the mat as Heyman coaches him, but Punk rushes for Heyman and the ref signals for the match to be over.

CM Punk vs Curtis Axel ends in a no-contest (10:30)

Post-match Brock Lesnar’s music hits and he rushes the ring. Punk is pulled out of the ring by Curtis Axel attempts a GTS on Axel, and Lesnar advances. Punk tries to hit Lesnar with a chair, but Lesnar blocks the shot. CM Punk gets the upper hand with offense on Lesnar, but Brock counters with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Lesnar gets Punk into position for the F-5, but Punk counters and hits Lesnar with a chair. Punk turns his focus back to Heyman, but Lesnar recovers in time and F-5’s him. Heyman screams “Hurt him!” at Brock, and Lesnar proceeds with multiple strikes to Punk with a steel chair. [Commercial]

A recap of the events before the commercial is shown. Brock Lesnar, Curtis Axel, and Paul Heyman are shown backstage with Renee Young. Brock asks if Punk is really “the best of the best… of the best the world has to offer?” He then tells Heyman to “say something stupid”.

Paul Heyman, based off of the beating CM Punk just received, challenged Punk to a match next week on RAW.

[Q 10] 7. Kofi Kingston vs Fandango

Kofi strikes Fandango in the legs with kicks and follows it up with a dropkick. Fandango kicks out of a pin attempt and gains control of the match.

Fandango locks Kofi into a sleeper, Kofi breaks the hold only to be hit with a spinning heel kick to the face. Kofi recovers and goes into his offensive momentum swing culminating with a Boom Drop. Kofi signals for the finish, but Fandango ducks Trouble in Paradise.

Fandango counters Kofi’s advances with a kick to the head and tries to use the ropes for leverage in a pin. Kofi attempts Trouble in Paradise once again, but Fandango counters. Kofi finally hits to move and gets the win.

Kofi Kingston defeats Fandango (3:37)

Backstage, a crying Stephanie approaches Triple H and says Vince bit her head off for the “embarrassing” Daniel Bryan make-over segment. Triple H says that the once “great creative genius” has lost it. Triple H furiously exclaims that he has to put a stop to Vince before he drives WWE into the ground. [Commercial]

Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro are in the ring, draped in flags, with Zeb Colter.

Colter cuts a promo saying not only does the cheese in Wisconsin clog arteries, it clogs the fans brains from functioning. He also attacks the “overrated” Green Bay Packers.

[Q 11] 8. The Real Americans (Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesarow/ Zeb Colter) vs The Usos

Swagger starts out dominating Jimmy Uso and gets a quick tag to Cesaro. He suplexes Jimmy and attempts a pin, only for Uso to kick out. Uso tries to fight out of the opposing team’s corner, but Swagger halts his advances. The Real Americans exchange many quick tags to maintain control of the match.

Jimmy gets a defensive kick in on Swagger to create space for the hot tag. Jey cleans house while Jimmy tosses Swagger out of the ring and follows up with a suicide dive. Swagger recovers and throws one Uso into the ring post and strikes the legal one, allowing Antonio Cesaro to hit him with the Neutralizer. Antonio wins the match for his team.

The Real Americans defeat The Usos (4:52) [Commercial]

9. Big E. Langston (w/ AJ Lee) vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler dropkicks Langston and goes for a quick, unsuccessful, pin. Big E clotheslines Ziggler to the outside of the ring before throwing him back in and getting a near fall.

Langston rushes Ziggler, but Dolph dodges the advance and allows Big E to crash shoulder-first into the ring post. Langston blocks a Fame Asser attempt and hits Ziggler with a backbreaker. Ziggler recovers and successfully hits Langston with the Fame Asser, which Langston kicks out of.

Kaitlyn marches to the ring and attacks AJ. The action moves to the ring and Ziggler attempts to break up the fight, but he is derailed by Langston. Big E performs the Big Ending on Ziggler and wins the match.

Big E. Langston defeats Dolph Ziggler (4:16)

[Q 12] A teaser promotes the main event of The Shield vs John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Randy Orton. [Commercial]

A Miz TV segment to air on SmackDown featuring AJ Lee and Big E. Langston is promoted. A promo airs for USA Network’s “Summer Camp” TV Show. Josh Mathews talks with two of the contestants who are in the audience. Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, and John Cena make their entrances. [Commercial]

[Overrun] 10. Randy Orton, John Cena, and Daniel Bryan vs The Shield (Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose)

Randy Orton and Seth Rollins start the match out. Rollins stomps Orton in the corner before Orton counters and pounces on Rollins with strikes to the face. Orton tags Bryan in, who hits Rollins with a dropkick from the top rope. Rollins tags in Ambrose, who is dropped by a clothesline from Bryan.

Bryan is distracted by the non-legal members of The Shield, allowing Ambrose to dropkick him off the ring apron. Bryan tags in Roman Reigns and he overpowers Bryan. Reigns tags in Rollins, who applies a sleeper to Bryan. Bryan begins to fight out, but Rollins tags Reigns back in. Rollins berates Bryan, telling him to “Stay down”, but Bryan fights back and kicks Reigns in the head.

Bryan crawls to his corner, but is held back by legal man Seth Rollins. Bryan tags in Cena, but the ref calls it off as he didn’t see the tag. Rollins throws Bryan into Orton, knocking him off of the ring apron. Bryan locks in the YES Lock on  Rollins, but the remaining Shield members attack Bryan, causing them to be disqualified.

Daniel Bryan, John Cena, and Randy Orton defeat The Shield via disqualification (5:24)

Post-match Bryan begins to celebrate, but Randy Orton RKO’s him. Cena and Orton work together to fight off The Shield, but Orton turns around and RKO’s Cena too. Randy Orton grabs the MITB briefcase and teases a cash-in, but The Shield walks back to the ring and Randy Orton walks off as The Shield beats down Daniel Bryan and John Cena.

The Shield triple powerbomb Daniel Bryan as Randy Orton watches from the stage. The Shield members pose in the ring to close the show

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