PWTR: Daniel Bryan vs Vince McMahon

Brian Joel July 31, 2013 1
 Topics discussed during episode:
  • Daniel Bryan faces off against Vince McMahon
  • John Cena’s place as WWE Champion
  • Will Randy Orton cash in MITB at SummerSlam?
  • Ryback’s new bully gimmick – is it enough?
  • Looking back on The Miz
  • Total Divas series premiere
  • Alberto Del Rio to choose #1 Contender for World Heavyweight Championship
  • TNA’s August 1 promo –  who is it?
  • Fandango’s impressive in-ring talent
  • Debating the road to success for The Wyatt Family
  • Cody Rhodes steals Damien Sandow’s MITB briefcase
  • WWE prematurely turning heels into faces
  • Randy Orton attacked by WWE fan in the ring
  • David’s new video game podcast (click here to watch first episode)
  • Listener feedback… and more!


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    David, Chief keef talk emojis, not ghetto