WWE WrestleMania 29: Triple H (w/ Shawn Michaels) vs Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman)

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Both competitors start out the contest aggressively. The match moves to the outside of the ring quickly and Triple H throws Lesnar into the barricade before slamming his face into the announcer’s table. Lesnar recovers and slams Triple H back first into the ring apron. Brock throws Triple H over the barricade and goes after him with a steel chair, but Triple H knocks him to the floor.

The match moves back into the ring and Lesnar brings the chair in with him. Triple H hits Lesnar  with a knee to the face and goes for the chair, but Paul Heyman pulls it out of the ring. Once again Lesnar and Hunter move to the outside of the ring, and Lesnar belly-to-belly suplexes Triple H over his head. Lesnar then easily suplexes Triple H through the Spanish announcer’s table. Lesnar continues to dominate Triple H as he maniacally screams and laughs. HBK goes to check on Triple H, but runs as Brock Lesnar advances towards him.

Lesnar throws Triple H back into the ring and stomps him in the corner. Triple H fights back with a knee to the face, but Brock regains control of the contest with a clothesline. Triple H attempts to fight back, but Lesnar maintains the upper hand with a German suplex.

Triple H starts to go on the offensive, but Lesnar tosses him over the top rope. Lesnar is distracted by HBK, and Triple H clotheslines him. Triple H hits Lesnar in the back with a steel chair and throws him back into the ring. Lesnar German suplexes Hunter into a pin, but only gets two.

Both Paul Heyman and HBK jump onto the ring apron. Brock shoulder tackles Michaels to the floor. Lesnar turns around and Triple H catches him with a spinebuster. Triple H tries to pedigree Brock, but Brock counters and picks Triple H up for the F5. HBK recovers and tries to super kick Brock, but he drops Triple H and F5’s HBK instead.

Triple H returns to the ring with a sledgehammer, but Lesnar counters and hits Triple H with the F5. Lesnar pins Triple H, but he kicks out. Brock then attacks Triple H with the steel chair before throwing him into the steel steps. Lesnar picks up the steps and rams them into Triple H’s face. He throws the steps into the ring and hits Triple H once again. Brock goes for a pin, but Triple H kicks out again.

Brock screams at Triple H “It’s over now! Retire!” Triple H responds with a slap to the face and attempts a pedigree, but Brock counters and gets Triple H into the Kimura lock. Triple H gets back to his feet with Lesnar’s legs around his waist and drops him to the mat. Hunter lowblows Lesnar, then slams his arm into the ring post before attacking it with a steel chair.

Hunter continued the assault on Brock’s left arm and applied his own version of the Kimura. Lesnar is about to tap out before screaming “Help” to Paul Heyman. Heyman gets into the ring and grabs the chair, but Shawn Michaels follows and hits him with Sweet Chin Music.

Triple H continues to maintain the hold, but Lesnar rises to his feet and slams Triple H onto the steel steps. Triple H applies the hold again, but Brock once again slams him onto the steps. For the third time, Triple H locks in the hold and Brock tries to repeat, but Triple H DDT’s him onto the steps. Triple H rises to his feet and grabs the sledge hammer, which he uses to hit Brock in the head.

Triple H climbs to the top of the stairs and pedigrees Lesnar face first onto the steel. Triple H pins Lesnar and wins the match.

Triple H (w/ Shawn Michaels) defeats Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) (23:58)

Post-match: Triple H hugs Shawn Michaels to celebrate his win

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